Nagatoro-san (長瀞さん, Nagatoro-san), is a Japanese webcomic series written and illustrated by Nanashi. It was published between August 15, 2011 and December 25, 2015 on Pixiv as doujins prior to the serialization of the manga Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san, which is loosely based on the doujins.

Three of the issues are narrated in a first-person perspective from the reader point of view as the protagonist has conversations with Nagatoro, directly facing her. Only in the third issue the reader has a third-person prospective, while the fifth is done in a classic manga style and was later published in the Illust Collection as a special chapter.[1]

Story[edit | edit source]

A shy and spineless high schooler, Hachioji, fall in love with a sadistic younger girl called Hayase Nagatoro who loves to torture, humiliate and abuse him both physically and emotionally. Each issue follows their bizarre "lovey dovey" growing relationship.

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Differences with the manga[edit | edit source]

  • The main difference is Nagatoro's cruelty: while in the manga she's a somewhat innocent girl which is evidently very shy and sweet under all those teasing, goes too far only accidentally in the first two chapters, and then toned down her taunts towards Senpai as she doesn't actually want to hurt him; in the webcomic Nagatoro is a malicious sadist whom evidently gains pleasure by hurting others, is violently abusive both physically and emotionally towards Senpai, to the point she mind-breaks him into an anguished declaration of love, and rarely apologized to him or shows any signs of caring.
  • Nagatoro and Hachioji are an established couple since the end of the first issue.
  • Senpai doesn't wear glasses, looking less of a stereotypical nerd. Also, he exhibits some masochist tendencies, often showing to find pleasure in the pain Nagatoro inflicted to him.
  • While he remained nameless for most of the manga, in the webcomic Senpai's family name is revealed since the first issue.
  • The age of the characters and which school year they attend are not mentioned.
  • It's unclear which sport club Nagatoro is part of.
  • Although not clearly specified, the story spans several years, as in the fourth issue Nagatoro has visibly grown up.

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